Program Entry: Every student is required to complete our Transitions Essentials course in order to further their studies with FITE.

*We utilize the transitions course to build the essentials of High Performance: deep, fluent workplace math and literacy; problem-solving strategies; the ability to learn on your own; attention-to-detail; persistence and self-reliance; and most importantly, self-efficacy, the belief, founded in experience, that you can do what you set out to do (CSM, 2017). This course will give students the foundation needed to successfully transition (move in, move through and move out) to an accelerated educational program.


Accelerated Study: Upon completion of the Transitions course students work with an instructor to create an individualized learning plan based on the Essential Education Curriculum.

We utilize Essential Education’s online adaptive technology curriculum to help students efficiently progress toward earning their high school diploma. This program includes the following classes: Essential Education Math, Essential Education Language Arts, Essential Education Social Studies, Essential Education Science, Work Essentials (Elective), and Money Essentials (Elective).

*Essential Education prepares students with its curriculum which focus on skills and capabilities that will serve adult learners in the workplace, in higher education and in life. These programs address basic and secondary math, communication, and critical thinking as the essential skills that will best serve students complete their high school diploma and beyond. Literacy skills in comprehension, analysis, application, and synthesis are fundamental to learning and functioning. Beyond that, students learn support skills to help them acquire new knowledge and abilities: ways to set goals, ways to study, and ways to track and understand their own learning (Essential Education, 2017).


Comprehensive Exams: The FITE initiative is a rigorous educational program designed to ensure mastery of subject matter. Mastery is the objective therefore students are required to meet this standard through successful oral and written comprehensive exams.