Six to Choose From


Explore from our selection of 6 distinct salsas available in 16oz units.



(#1) Bold

Our original salsa is distinctive and created from a wonderfully executed mix of spices and herbs in a foundation of blended minced-garlic and spicy tomatoes. Blended just right, it will stick to your chips or complement your inspired dishes.


(#2) Hot

Inspired by the original blend, this salsa features many hot and spicy peppers including the prominent Carolina Reaper! But rest assured, with the right proportion tomatoes and our favorite mix of spices its a very tasty salsa that only gradually builds in heat.


(#3) Green

Our creative twist of a classic Verde is a little bit spicier than our original but packs much more flavor than it does heat. Blended with tomatillos, fresh cilantro, jalapeƱos, and a variety of different spices including our Dabbers Dust, this salsa is sure to make you a green-salsa lover.


(#4) Confetti

Ever had Confetti salsa? This blend of black beans and other produce was our first fresh salsa, featuring mouthwatering-lime juice and a clever name. Sweet corn, zesty red onions, black beans, and tomatoes make for a very fresh salsa.


(#5) Roasted Chile

Our darkest and most textured salsa has quite the bite with hot roasted peppers and spices. We balance it out with sweet, roasted bell peppers, fresh cilantro, and minced garlic to make a fantastic salsa that pleases the pallette.

(#6) Broiled Avacado

By broiling and roasting the ingredients we've managed to create a unique salsa that even those who "despise" avocados can enjoy. Featuring roasted red bell peppers, roasted chiles, seared minced-garlic and of course avocado, this salsa is a brilliant new take on the classic guacamole.

Manufactured at 719 Se Jackson Street, Roseburg, OR